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Upgrade Your Doorbell with Chime from Control4


Give Your Home a Video Doorbell That Integrates Seamlessly with Smart Home Automation

A lot of activity goes on outside your front door; a smart doorbell lets you know who is there and if it’s safe. However, a smarter doorbell should let you do more than see who’s on the front porch or at the backdoor.

Control4’s Chime is all that you would expect in a video doorbell while leveraging smart home automation’s power and features. A connected home is about the luxury of having a house that can respond as an ecosystem to your daily needs; with Control4, your doorbell is so much more.

Are you Intrigued about how Chime can improve your Chagrin Falls, OH, home’s security and convenience?  Read more below to find out. 

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More Notification, Less Frustration

We cannot always be at home to get to the door when someone drops by or delivers a package. Rather than miss them, a video doorbell allows you to connect with people and manage access. Day or night, with a 180-degree field of view and low light/night mode, you will never miss an event at your door. The crystal clearrecordingscan be accessed for up to seven days and easily downloaded if needed. 

Whether you are busy watching a movie or at your vacation home, Chime lets you keep tabs on who enters your yard. With customizable motion zones, you can receive a camera snapshot or video recording to your phone or touchscreen whenever a person walks in. The five adjustable motion trigger zones mean you will not be bothered by false notifications whenever a car drives by. 

Control By Design 

As the Chime is a Control4 device and lives on the smart home network, it can trigger other devices when it detects someone approaching the door. Turn on the light above the front door to help find the key slot or provide increasedsecurityby identifying who is ringing the bell. 

Not home in time? Through the Chime connection, open the remote door lock to let the kids in when they come home from school or open the garage for the delivery people. Need to let the repair technician in to fix an issue while you are at your vacation home? Control access bypermitting repair people to enter only the areas you want. With Chime’s audio-video features and smart home automation, you can have peace of mind knowing that everyone is where they are supposed to be.

Adding the Chime smart doorbell to your Control4 automation system furnishes you with secure notifications and remote control of your home. 


Are you looking to add security and convenience to your home with a smarter doorbell? Call us at (440) 368-5649 or fill out our online contact form here to schedule a time at our Control4 Showroom. We look forward to working with you!

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