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Harmony in Every Corner: The Art of Sound with Origin Acoustics

With an unwavering commitment to high-fidelity heritage and invisible aesthetics, Origin Acoustics systems are the very soul of your Beachwood area living spaces. Crafted meticulously, each speaker is designed to reveal the subtlest nuances of sound, turning every beat and melody into an integral part of your home's heartbeat.

Outdoor Audio

Immerse yourself in the heart of audio excellence with Origin Acoustics outdoor audio systems. Perfectly crafted to harmonize with the serenity of nature, these systems redefine your outdoor acoustic experience in Beachwood. The blend of cutting-edge technology and elegant design ensures that every note resonates with crystal clarity, transforming your garden or yard into an oasis of sound.

LSB6400 Origin Acoustics Landscape Audio

Transform Your Outdoors into an Auditory Paradise

Embrace the fusion of sound and nature today.
LSB6400 Lux Origin Acoustics Landscape Speaker

Full Coverage

Experience the full spectrum of sound with their Bollard Loudspeakers. Each speaker is ingeniously equipped with a 6.5" integrated subwoofer, effortlessly buried to merge with your landscape. This compact powerhouse delivers exceptional bass, and when paired with multiple speakers, creates a symphony of balanced, deep tones that envelop your entire outdoor space. The result? A rich, immersive audio experience that follows you, no matter where you wander in your garden.

360-Degrees of Sound

The Luxury Landscape Bollard is a marvel of acoustic engineering. Featuring a 4" and 1/2" down-firing driver, it offers expansive sound coverage in either 360-degree or 180-degree patterns. This ensures a uniform and high-quality sound experience, enveloping you in a bubble of audio perfection, irrespective of where you stand or sit.

Aluminum Sleeves

Origin Acoustic audio systems are a testament to durability and aesthetics. The high-quality aluminum sleeves, finished with robust fluorocarbon coatings, offer unmatched resistance to moisture, heat, and UV rays, while maintaining their elegant appearance. Available in three stunning colors—natural silver, black, and bronze—these speakers are designed to complement your outdoor décor in Chagrin Falls. Plus, with a five-year warranty from your Origin installer, they're an investment in enduring quality.

Minimal Opening System

Transform your space with the Minimal Opening System from Origin Acoustics, a marvel of acoustic innovation designed to blend seamlessly into your environment. This revolutionary in-ceiling audio system is expertly crafted to resemble 4" designer lighting, ensuring an elegant and unobtrusive presence. It's not just a speaker; it's an integral part of your sophisticated decor.
Origin Acoustics Minimal Opening Systems

A Symphony of Sound and Style

Experience the harmony of world-class sound and discreet, sophisticated design.

Small Loudspeaker.
Huge Sound.

Origin installers understand the challenge of integrating superior sound into restrictive spaces in Chagrin Falls. The Minimal Opening System is engineered to overcome these boundaries, offering world-class sound quality in the most compact form. Whether in a cozy study or a sprawling living room, this system guarantees an immersive audio experience without compromising on space or style.

Origin Acoustics takes pride in user convenience. The easy-to-install enclosure of the Minimal Opening System means enjoying high-quality sound is not just a dream but a quick, hassle-free reality. The 6” fiberglass woofer seamlessly integrates into your ceiling, providing an outstanding low-frequency response that elevates your listening experience to new heights.

Origion Acoustics Speaker

Architectural Audio

Origin Acoustics brings the soul of music and cinema into your home. Recognized for their high-fidelity heritage and invisible aesthetics, these architectural audio solutions are dedicated to delivering genuine acoustic beauty. Every detail is crafted with precision, ensuring that the subtle nuances of sound, often unnoticed, become the heartbeat of your home​​.

Origin Acoustics In-Ceiling Audio

Stunning Audio Solutions for Any Space

Embrace the fusion of style and function.

In-Ceiling Speakers

Origin Acoustics In-Ceiling Speakers Origin Acoustics In-Ceiling Speakers
The Director Collection stands out for its ability to blend into your ceiling with minimal visibility. These speakers, hidden behind low-profile, paintable grilles, offer some of the most articulate and musical audio available. They're designed for an unobtrusive yet powerful presence, ensuring that the focus remains on the quality of sound rather than the speaker itself​​.

In-Wall Speakers

Origin Acoustics In-Wall Speakers Origin Acoustics In-Wall Speakers
Complementing the Director Collection is the Composer Collection, the in-wall counterpart that shares the same dedication to detailed audio reproduction. Whether it's the rumble of an explosion or the soft whisper of dialogue, these speakers capture every sound with clarity and depth, providing a comprehensive audio experience that fills your space with dynamic, lifelike sound​​.

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