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Outdoor Living

Smarter Solutions for Wide Open Spaces

Spark new potential for your Ohio home’s exterior with flawlessly tailored outdoor technology.

Extend Your Smart Home Luxuries to the Outdoors

From the garden to the basketball court, smart technology provides the perfect balance of splendor and functionality to your outdoor domains. Revel in the possibilities below.

Embrace your Ohio luxury home patio spaces with exceptional outdoor speakers and anti-glare TVs.

Craft a luxurious design with architectural speakers, hidden displays and dedicated AV closets.

Enhanced peace of mind in Ohio with video analytics, enhanced patio lighting and immediate access to live surveillance footage.

Never worry about losing connection with fast and reliable networks fit for high-end AV and control.

Easily manage your Ohio or vacation properties with remote access to indoor and patio lights, locks, and surveillance.

Invigorate your favorite entertainment with high-performance speakers, TVs, AV components and custom control.

Pool / Spa

Create the perfect backyard oasis in Ohio, with user-friendly pool and spa automation while enjoying environmental controls to set the perfect mood with audio and lighting.
Common Solutions
Lighting Control · Outdoor Entertainment · Surveillance · Wi-Fi · Underwater Audio · Pool & Spa Automation · Outdoor Lighting
sunbrite outdoor pool spa area

Lighting Control

Automate and customize beautiful scenes by the patio or poolside with different shades and colors of light activated by a simple command or time of day.


Monitor your outdoor spaces in real time from any location. Receive alerts to your smart phone when motion is detected.

Pool & Spa Automation

Enjoy the perfect pool environment with system integration that enables water feature and lighting control as well as automating daily pool equipment functions.


Escape to your Ohio luxury home backyard to enjoy the beautiful vistas while relaxing to your favorite soundtrack. Enjoy the perfect patio ambiance thanks to lighting and entertainment.
Common Solutions
Smart Home Control · Lighting Control · Weather-Proof Video Displays · Outdoor Lighting · Outdoor Audio · High-Performance Audio · Wi-Fi
wooden walls and screen area on covered porch seura technology


Robust network design and strategically placed access points ensure you never experience weak or lost connection regardless of your location around your property.

Weather-Proof Video Displays

Bring entertainment to your Ohio luxury backyard with weather-proof, anti-glare 4K outdoor TVs that resist the elements for uncompromising clarity and brightness.

Outdoor Lighting

Take the party to the backyard after sunset with elegantly tailored lighting fixtures that illuminate patios and pathways while enhancing your Ohio luxury home’s architecture.

Gated Entry

Instantly receive notice when someone arrives to your gate and control access from anywhere via your smartphone or touch panel.
Common Solutions
Smart Security · Surveillance · Entry Systems/Access Control · Remote Access/Monitoring · Intercom · Motorized Gates · Heated Driveway
gated entry in a modern home


Easily communicate with visitors at the gate from your smartphone or tablet while you’re still inside the house or out of town.

Entry Systems/Access Control

Implement an easy-to-use entry system for guests with a PIN or keycard. Automatically log entries into a web management system for audits.

Motorized Gates

Effortlessly enter and exit your property with automated gates that open and close upon sensing your vehicle’s unique ID tag. Command your gate remotely for visitor access.

Outdoor Kitchen

Delight in outdoor dining and entertainment with optimized lighting and immersive audio and video that complements any dinner or celebration.
Common Solutions
Lighting Control · Smart Home Control · Weather-Proof Video Displays · Outdoor Lighting · Outdoor Audio · High-Performance Audio · Wi-Fi
sunbrite technology in outdoor kitchen

Smart Home Control

Relax knowing your extended coverage access points have your entire property covered with reliable and consistent connectivity optimized for performance.

Outdoor Lighting

Extend the beauty and energy of your indoor spaces to the outdoors with radiant lighting that elegantly accents your outdoor living spaces and landscape.

Outdoor Speakers

Simultaneously stream music from inside your Ohio luxury home to your outdoor entertainment areas with a simple voice command or button press on your handheld remote or touch panel.


Show off your prized automobile collection in a lavish garage suite with radiant accent lighting, around-the-clock surveillance and vibrant audio and video.
Common Solutions
Lighting Control · Multi-room Audio · LED Lighting · Hidden Audio Video · Surveillance · Video Displays · Smart Security
brown home with brown garage doors

Lighting Control

Set the perfect scene for every occasion including modes to place focus on your vehicles, hold celebrations or a clean-up scene to amp up the light levels to aid your cleaning the shop.

Video Displays

Bring the entertainment to your garage suite with stunning 4K HD displays and video walls that ensure you never miss that hole-in-one shot from your favorite pro.


Monitor your garage and its perimeter in real time from any location. Receive alerts to your smartphone when unwanted activity is detected.

Covered Porch

Unleash the true potential of your outdoor spaces in Ohio with a covered porch featuring intuitive lighting, high-performance outdoor speakers, ultra-bright TV and a fireplace for the ultimate escape.

Common Solutions
Motorized Screens · Weather-Proof Video Displays · Outdoor Audio · Outdoor Lighting · Fireplace Controls · Wi-Fi · Surveillance · Smart Security · Smart Home Control
covered porch with wooden ceiling and green accents

Fireplace Controls

Fireplace controls offer the comfort of a firelit evening without the hassle. Manage timers, temperature and wave modulation without ever leaving your patio chair.

Motorized Screens

Nothing ruins a great day like insects and blinding sunlight. So take control of your space with motorized shades that keep out pesky bugs and damaging UV rays.

Weather-Proof Video Displays

Relax and watch the big game or enjoy a movie night under the stars with ultra-bright displays that combat glare, rain and other inclement weather conditions.

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