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A Voice Control that Puts Security First has security features to protect your privacy at home.

How Protects Your Smart Home and Your Privacy

When smart home technology and voice assistants first hit the markets, early adopters rushed to the stores to be the first to take advantage of this new way of living. But, as the tools became more mainstream and found in more homes, concerns about security and privacy began to surface. Users became suspicious that they were being spied on and that their information was being sold to third parties for marketing purposes.

Not all smart home technology tools are the same, and not all can be trusted. So, when asked about voice control options, we recommend because we know the benefits of simplifying your smart home experience with voice commands. We also know the extreme emphasis places on security. We want our clients to know that we work with trustworthy companies that will safeguard their personal data.

Continue reading to learn more about’s security standards and how they prioritize your home’s privacy in Chagrin Falls, OH.

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