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Top Three Things You Can Do With A Home Surveillance System


Home Security Does More When Integrated with a Home Automation System 

You probably already know what a surveillance camera system can do: cameras on the corner of a building, taking video all day and night of one location. But with advancements in home automation, home surveillance systems have also gotten an upgrade. And now your security system is much more than a couple of cameras and an alarm. It’s a full-blown system that can provide you a variety of options when protecting your home in Hunting Valley, OH.

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Security That Goes Beyond Cameras

Don’t get us wrong; it's helpful to see footage on a camera and document an event that was captured. But what’s better is being able to see the streaming video in real-time and do something about it. A smartly integrated home surveillance system will recognize an intruder and turn on lights or set off an alarm. You can also schedule lights to turn on and program them to operate when cameras or motion sensors detect activity in your home. If an alarm is tripped or something like a pipe bursts in your vacation home, you can activate your lighting and indoor surveillance cameras to see what is happening and where. This allows you to address it before more damage is done by calling the appropriate party, whether that be your house manager, plumber, or utility company.

Get Alerts from Thermostats, Smoke, and CO2 Sensors

Sometimes, the real emergencies are those things that are harder to see or hear. But with a smart security system from Horner Networks, you get alerts right to your smartphone if the thermostat senses very high temps in your home that might indicate a fire. Plus, with an integrated system, you can have your smoke alarms send a signal to your HVAC system to shut off so smoke is not circulated through the ductwork in your home. In addition to temperature alerts and smoke detection, your carbon monoxide sensors can also send an alert to your phone if they detect high CO2 levels. All these alarms can integrate not only to alert you on your smartphone or device, but also communicate with your lighting systems so they can flash so first responders can more easily find your home.

Control Door Locks for Unexpected Guests

Your home security system can also be used for convenience as well. If your cousin stays in your house for the weekend, leave the keys inside and wait until they arrive. Then with a quick verification on your cameras, you can let them in with the door-locking mechanism integrated with your surveillance system. The same goes for packages being delivered or neighbors and friends dropping something off. Never worry about leaving something out for the package thieves again when you have smart lock control and an upgraded home security system.

Get an upgrade to your home security system so you can control every aspect of your home while you are away. Give us a call to discuss your options at 440-368-5649, chat with us online, or use our contact form.

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