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Elevate Your Home Entertainment with a Custom Home Theater


The Right AV Solutions & Components Make for the Ultimate Media Setup

How up-to-date is your home entertainment setup? Imagine your media of choice responding to you at just the press of a button – no unnecessary fuss or hassle required. With a custom home theater, you enjoy your favorite films, shows, and more in the comfort of your own living space – with an audio visual experience that surpasses what you’d find in the local cinema!

Keep reading below to see how this customized installation can transform your next movie night, TV show marathon, or film premiere in your Chagrin Falls, OH home. 

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A Vibrant Display for Your Space

Your home theater’s screen contributes to nearly half of the overall cinematic experience – so you want the display to optimize your theater space. A custom theater accommodates your existing layout and guarantees visuals that impress and immerse the viewer the moment you press play.

But the question is, what type of screen are you looking for? Both projectors and flatscreens deliver stunning 4K resolution images for your theater, but depending on your space, you might prefer one over the other. Both a projection screen and flatscreen TV can lower from the ceiling at the press of a button, but a projector setup provides a true theatrical atmosphere that you could be seeking. Plus, the larger the room is, you can cover an entire wall with a projection screen, whereas flatscreens are not as large.

However, in a smaller room, a flatscreen provides vivid, lifelike visuals in a more intimate setting. This option might be more budget-friendly as well. The choice is entirely up to you for your custom home theater.


High-End Audio & Acoustics

So, what’s the other half of the ultimate cinematic experience? Audio, of course! You want your theater’s soundscape to draw you into the scene on the screen just as much as the visuals do. For that to happen, you need the right audio equipment in place.

A surround-sound setup comprised of high-fidelity speakers behind, in front of, above, and all around you will deliver the audio directly to your ears - and make you feel like you’ve stepped foot straight into the movie, TV show, or sporting event.

Hear the whirl of a helicopter above you, the wind whip by you, the sweeping soundtracks that take your breath away, and the quietest of dialogue passed between the actors on screen. Plus, acoustic paneling throughout your theater provides the right amount of absorption and eliminates echoing, so the audio in the room always sounds crisp, clear, and high-quality.


Want to find out more about what a custom home theater installation can do for your home entertainment? Give our team at Horner Networks a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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