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Elevate Your Backyard with an Outdoor Speaker System


Origin Acoustics Delivers Robust & Aesthetically Pleasing Audio 

Why keep your high-end audio limited to the four walls of your Hunting Valley, OH home? An outdoor speaker system from Origin Acoustics can take your home entertainment to the next level by extending it to your own backyard!

As the warmer weather continues to approach, you’ll soon have the ultimate backyard and patio setup that’s fit to entertain family, friends, and guests with ease. But outdoor audio works differently than an indoor speaker system, and it requires different features to function properly. Want to find out how? Keep reading on below for more.

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Enhance Your Outdoor Moments with a Tap of a Button

Imagine simply pulling out your smartphone or grabbing a touchscreen tablet to immediately immerse your backyard in your favorite tunes or a curated playlist, specifically made for your party or tailgate? With an outdoor speaker system, you can kick a regular catch-up with friends up a notch by adding background melodies to create ambiance – or turning up pop songs to liven up the night. At any time of day, for any event, your system can accompany the moments with your choice of music or media.

And who says you need a special event to utilize your system? Even lounging by the pool, reading a book on the patio, or doing garden work becomes something new entirely with music playing. An outdoor audio system makes it easy to turn every moment of your daily routine into a fun pastime.

Origin Acoustics Top-Notch Features for Any Day

Outdoor audio equipment requires far different materials and designs to function as it should. Origin Acoustics offers robust and reliable speakers that are built to last through even the harshest weather. Rain, hail, snow, and flooding won’t stop your speakers from perfectly performing the next day, nor will intense fluctuations in temperature. And even though these designs need to withstand such rough environments, the speakers themselves will still provide an aesthetically pleasing and refined look for your backyard system.

The Landscape System Has Your Yard Covered

The landscape series of speakers from Origin Acoustics come in a variety of sizes and designs to accommodate the specific layout and setup of your backyard. Completely customizable and expandable, these sound solutions range from bollard loudspeakers to subtle subwoofers that camouflage seamlessly among your gardens and foliage. Whatever your yard and patio areas need, Origin Acoustics landscape audio equipment has your premises covered.


Want to find out more about bringing an outdoor speaker system to your backyard? Give our team at Horner Networks a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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