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5 Technologies You Need to Update Your Security System


Protect Your Home with the Latest Technology

Your home is a culmination of your life’s work. It protects your prized belongings and your family. So keeping it safe is crucial. Security systems have been around for a long time, helping deter intruders and alert homeowners to suspicious activity on their properties. 

However, technology has come a long way in the past few years, and now security systems are more advanced than ever. These advancements mean they are better at protecting your home and giving you peace of mind. Here are five technologies you should incorporate in your Gates Mills, OH home’s security system for increased protection.

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1. Video Doorbell

Gone are the days of peering out the window to see who is on your porch to determine whether you’ll answer the door. With video doorbells like Control4’s Chime video doorbell, you can see and even talk to the people on your porch before you answer the door. Tune into your doorbell’s video camera on your phone or home’s touchscreen device and speak via an intercom system. You and your family won’t have to answer the door to a stranger again. 

2. Remote Access

Forget to lock the front door on your way out? That was a problem of the past. With smart locks and remote access, it’s easy to lock and unlock doors right from your phone. So, for example, if your dog walker comes over, tap an icon on a mobile device, such as your smartphone or tablet, to unlock your front door and let them in. Lock it again when they leave. No matter where you are, you enjoy complete control of your home’s locks.

3. Driveway Sensors

With a video doorbell, you can see who's on your porch. But driveway sensors take it a step further. They alert you as soon as someone drives onto your property. If you aren’t expecting anyone, tune into your video doorbell or other surveillance cameras to see who entered your property.

4. Environmental and Fire Safety

Intruders aren’t the only threats to your home. Environmental disasters can also strike at any time. That’s why many homeowners integrate water sensors into their water pumps and sensors for heat and humidity throughout their homes. They help alert homeowners to things like leaks or furnace malfunctions. Even fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors can be integrated into your security system, so you always know the status of your home.

5. Security Automation

All these technologies are great, but they’re not nearly as effective without a security automation platform like Control4. Automation systems turn your security technologies into one integrated, smart system. You’ll be able to control all your devices from one dashboard and access your security system even when you’re away from home.

Take advantage of the latest and greatest technology to protect your Gates Mills, OH home. To upgrade or install a new security system, contact Horner Networks today! We work with some of the best companies in home security and can create a cohesive security system with some of the best tech on the market.

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