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Are you ready to spend the summer days outside with the best audio and video quality?

With the arrival of summer, activities move outdoors, so why shouldn't your favorite entertainment?. Imagine a Sunday with your family having a barbecue on the deck while listening to your favorite tunes or an outdoor movie night where video and audio combine to create a perfect Hollywood-style outdoor cinema atmosphere where every scene is lived to the fullest. Are your outdoor spaces prepared to host family and friends with high-quality outdoor audio and video? If the answer is no, here is why now is the perfect time for an upgrade to your Hunting Valley, OH, home. 

Use Voice Control to Manage Your Whole Smart Home


Learn How to Optimize All Your Smart Solutions with a Single Voice Command 

The goal of smart home automation is to make everyday living easier for you and everyone in your family. A simple tap of a button can transform your surroundings to create convenience and comfort and, overall, a more luxurious lifestyle at your home in Hunting Valley, OH. But what if you didn’t even have to lift a finger for your smart home to respond to your needs and preferences?

With a voice control system from, you can say a single word or phrase to take complete command of your whole home. It’s that easy to elevate your daily smart home living experience! Want to find out more? Just keep reading below.

A Professional Media Room Installation Transforms Your Everyday AV


Work with Horner Networks to Upgrade Your Home Entertainment!

Media often brings the family together. While everyone can use their respective AV devices separately, there’s something special about the household gathering in one space to watch a film or catch up on a popular TV series together.

But for this scenario to happen weekly or even daily, you need a proper gathering space in your Chagrin Falls, OH, home. A professional media room installation from our team at Horner Networks transforms home entertainment and creates the ultimate spot for your next movie night or TV show marathon!

Want to find out more about this AV setup and our top-notch services? Keep reading on below.

Elevate Your Backyard with an Outdoor Speaker System


Origin Acoustics Delivers Robust & Aesthetically Pleasing Audio 

Why keep your high-end audio limited to the four walls of your Hunting Valley, OH home? An outdoor speaker system from Origin Acoustics can take your home entertainment to the next level by extending it to your own backyard!

As the warmer weather continues to approach, you’ll soon have the ultimate backyard and patio setup that’s fit to entertain family, friends, and guests with ease. But outdoor audio works differently than an indoor speaker system, and it requires different features to function properly. Want to find out how? Keep reading on below for more.

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