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Bring the Cinema Experience to Your Home!


The Elements of a Perfect Home Theater Installation in Your Chagrin Falls Home. 

Movies have the power to move us in ways that other mediums cannot. It is a unique experience of allowing ourselves to be isolated in a dark room, focused on nothing but the events unfolding before us. Cinema can simultaneously have us on the edge of our seats, weeping like babies and feeling as thrilled as a roller coaster ride.

There is little else like it in the world. You can bring this level of excitement to your own Ohio home, often with better quality than most multiplexes. Sit in comfort, convenience while watching current releases and legendary classics with unparalleled sound and vision.

Read more to see how a home theater installation fits into your residence and how Horner Networks can help you reach these unique, immersive experiences right within your own space.

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Elegance and Comfort

It all starts with the room, a space designed to maximize the depth of sound and dramatic visuals. Whether you are looking to evoke the movie palaces of the 1920s or prefer a more modernist take, the materials work as more than decor.

Plus, we can install acoustic treatments that provide greater isolation from the world outside the door and tune the room to distribute the sound perfectly.

Smart lighting sets the mood with preset levels and colors: Accent fixtures can highlight cup holders, while floor lights illuminate the path out. Dim the lights automatically as the movie starts or from the touch screen controller after the family has finally assembled in the luxury seating.

While the room brings the ambiance, it is the sound and vision that a home theater is built for; the technology provides elements to lose yourself in cinematic bliss.

Superior Audio and Video

The spectacular video from an expertly calibrated 4K ultra-high-definition projector presents the on-screen action with a breathtaking depth of field and an infinite spectrum of color. You will be immersed as if you were in the middle of it all. The quality will rival, and in many cases beat, that of your local film chain.

The surround sound brings it all together, bringing the final element delivering phenomenally accurate reproduction. The highest highs are crisp and clean, and the body-rumbling lows are deep and clear.

Our THX-certified engineers will bring the home theater experience to your home. Once you see how a professional home theater installation feels, you may never want to go out to the cineplex again.

Check out the incredible home theater solutions we've mentioned above, plus so much more, at our certified showroom or via a virtual consultation with our integrators. Just fill out our online contact form here to learn more from us today. We look forward to speaking with you!

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