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How Motorized Window Shades Can Transform Your Whole Home

Every Living Space throughout Your Property Benefits from Automated Shading

How Motorized Window Shades Can Transform Your Whole Home

Are motorized shades on the top of your smart home technology must-have list? Most homeowners overlook this innovative solution in favor of other glamorous components, like audio-video and lighting fixtures – or even more practical ones like smart security alarms and surveillance cameras. But motorized window shades have a distinctive place in your Pepper Pike, OH home!


Automated window treatments elevate every room where you install them. While adding convenience and comfort to your daily living, they also provide enhanced style and improved security for your whole property. In this blog, we dive into three home spaces that can be transformed with motorized shades.


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The Bedroom

Waking up to a brightly lit room with the sun in your eyes may not be a great way for you to kick off the morning. Sleeping with blackout shades is an ideal solution for this dilemma. Yet, with standard blackout window treatments, you run the risk of sleeping right through your alarm. However, motorized shades and dual shading in your bedroom provide the best of both worlds!

As your alarm sounds, your blackout shades slowly rise, with a sheer shade still covering your window. This prevents the harsh rays from piercing your eyes but still lets you wake up slowly to the natural light, allowing you time to adjust.


The Kitchen

Motorized shades in the kitchen are the perfect example of blending style and practicality. You might have gorgeous windows and vistas in your kitchen; with automated shading, you can let in the natural sunlight to bring a beautiful glow all over your cooking space as you prep a meal. As soon as the sun gets a bit too intense, you can easily tap a button to lower the shades once more – revealing shades in any model, fabric, or design you prefer to match your kitchen’s décor.

Shades from trusted brands like Hunter Douglas are high-quality, reliable, and come in a variety of custom design and coloring options. Plus, if you choose a traditional honeycomb shade, you can add natural insulation with this model’s special pockets.


The Entertainment Space

Automated shading can have the most significant impact on your multi-purpose media room or dedicated home theater. When it’s time for a movie or TV show marathon, you want to be totally immersed, which likely means – wrapped in complete darkness. However, windows often get in the way between you and that “commercial cinema” feel.

But with just a button-press, you can lower blackout shades to make any part of your home pitch black even at the brightest time of the day. Get cozy on the couch or luxury seating, fire up your AV setup, and watch your favorite films and shows on a glare-free screen.


Want to find out more about motorized shades and all they can do for your living space and daily lifestyle? Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form here to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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